One of the most difficult puzzles in life that many people have failed to solve through out their lifetime is to identify/discover their true career path. To unravel what they see as a mystery surrounding their career choices. To some, trying to know exactly their career path gets them even more confused, and hence , they have decided to leave everything to fate, believing that destiny has place them in such a lifelong confusion. What a misconception! Almost every Nigerian pupil/student once wished or wishes to become either a medical doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, an accountant and any other beautiful professions or job designations you could think of. But sooner or later, those beautiful wishes/aspirations  gradually fades away as we are faced most times with the challenges of sponsorship, admission issues, unemployment, lack of good career counselors and many more others that are prevalent in this part of the world. Worse still, the job distribution in the Nigerian labor market thus far has made it more confusing for some graduates to focus on pursuing a career in their field/area of discipline, as a graduate of any discipline can be given a job in another sector he or she has no knowledge about! This trend of gaining job base on “connection”, “who you know” has robbed so many people of their individual career they ought to pursue in life. Dear friend, we are no longer living in the era of paper employment, things are changing. We are living in the age of technology revolution where developed skills and capacity are highly needed to sustain you in your employment/job, business or profession.  We are living in the time when we cannot afford to let the major factors that influenced some people’s career choices in the past to keep influencing ours. It is a time we ought to make right decisions based on self-discovery, skills/talent and capacity development. If we could take a quick survey, you would discover that majority of the graduates, undergraduates, prospective candidates in Nigerian tertiary institutions made their choices of departments based on the following:

  • Popular opinions
  • Current job prospects
  • Settled for any course just to get a college degree.

Dear friend, none of the reasons stated above is good enough to influence your career choice.  You dare not stake your future on such weak reasons and assumptions. Embrace superior thinking. Are you a graduate already or still an undergraduate, a prospective student, an apprentice or a business person? I’m speaking to you both, and individually.  Who are you? Have you discovered you, your gifts/skills/talent? What is your dream career?  What kind of job are you doing today? What course are you studying? Are you just doing it as a means of livelihood or that is what you love to do? Where are you right now? You may be doing some menial jobs you don’t like doing. You may have been poorly remunerated, but I commend you. It is wise to do something no matter how small it is to enable you raise money  to acquire that professional skill you so desire, to support you to further your education, to start your own business. After high school, don’t wait for anyone to start the process of your future for you, your dreams, business or career, for as long as you wait you may not find anybody capable of helping you like you would help yourself. Not even your parents! To be frank with you, there are times we may need to do some menial jobs in order to raise money/develop capacity, proper education, acquire more professional skills but we must be careful not to outstay our target time in such jobs because the more you stay, the more responsibilities would roll in and you may eventually shift your thinking from pursuing your personal dreams to living a life of survival, just to put food on the table.

Dear friend, the following lines would help you to understand how to choose the right career of your dreams;

  • DISCOVER YOUR GIFTS/SKILLS OR TALENT: There is a gift inside of you that your maker deposited in you like no one else. There is a skill you are yet to discover or develop. Look inside of you and you would discover natural ability, and that should inform you of what you can possibly do freely without struggles. Develop the skills and multiply the talent within you and I tell you if you set out to pursue a career in a field where your skills are relevant in application, you’ll stand before kings.
  • THINK BEYOND THE CURRENT JOB OPPORTUNITIES: The fact that a particular career has more job opportunities today does not guarantee a constant prospect in future because technology is fast replacing many jobs already. Jobs opportunities fluctuates with time and technology. It is never constant. Think of the areas where you can leverage on your skills to improve some things. To solve problems and fulfill purpose. One of the causes of poor performance in most employees is that they are in a wrong sector/ place, hence cannot manifest their full potentials. Those sectors having more opportunities than others today were actually made possible by some people who used their skills to develop it. Your skills also can birth a multinational project/company that many people shall find opportunity in, don’t fail them. The world is waiting for you. Your creator would show you the revelation that will turn things around for you and the rest of mankind if you look deep down enough inside yourself, hear and obey His voice to take a step of faith.
  • THINK BEYOND POPULAR OPINIONS: Don’t let people’s opinions define what you do. Many people have made grave mistakes in life simply because they let people influenced them with their regular opinions. Such people would never do what they truly know they have the ability/capacity to do. They always wait for opinions/suggestions from friends/people to determine their actions/reactions. Dear friend, make a personal decision to pursue any career of your dreams based on your ability to succeed in it. Don’t choose a career because that is what all your friends, or family and everyone is doing.

Dear friend, if you are doing what people or situation or economy chose for you and you are not happy doing it, it’s never too late to make amends irrespective of your age and qualification. Sometimes, starting all over might be the shortest route to your happiness and success. Do what you love doing naturally and make the choice to manifest your potentials, multiply your talent and recreate/improve/renew the world with your skills. It’s all in your mind, renew your mind, change your perspective and become you in everything you do.



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