Kim Ung-yong knew about this secret and made the right decision that eventually gives him a lasting success and happiness. Kim was born with an exceptional gift. His parent claims that he leant how to speak at six (6) months after his birth. At age three (3) Kim was already solving physics and mathematics problems. He started reading fluently at age four (4), not just reading in one language but in four languages; Korean, Japanese, German and English. This unusual ability in Kim caught the attention of the local media. He was invited to the Korean TV Shows where he solved differential equations live on TV to the amazement of every viewer. Continue reading


One of the self-imposed obstacles that has blocked so many destinies and made life more frustrating and miserable is the fear of failure. Fear can cripple your beautiful dreams, destiny and purpose in life. Human beings by nature is prone to fear. When things appear unknown, uncertain, the first feelings our mind default mechanism pushes to us is fear. Though we might be conversant with some locations like our homes, rooms or offices and  tends to fear the darkness in such places when there is power outage in the night, thinking there is monster lurking in the dark, thus some fear even their own shadow!Continue reading

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