There is no denying that most Nigerians are really working very hard. Some wake up very early in the morning and rush to work only to come back late at night. Many of us hardly eat, have little or no time to rest or even to sleep well at night. It is obvious that many often burnt out as a result of too much stress, day in day out. Yes, we are energetic people. We are charismatic in nature. We have the stamina. We work from morning till late at night, and yet has no tangible result to show for our endless labor.

Why do we find ourselves in this endless hustles/struggles that barely or cannot pay for our basic needs? 90% of Nigerians work like an elephant and eat like an ant! Many employees are starving everyday trying to make sure that they save the little money they ought to feed themselves for transportation to work. All these sacrifices and many more is to ensure that they keep the job going so they can survive!

Dear friends, until we shift our mentality from trying to survive to that of pursuing meaningful dreams for our lives, we’ll remain broke, stressed out and drained of strength. We should see ourselves as answers rather than looking for answers. The problem with some of us is that we have been seeing ourselves as people with problems looking for answer and not as problem solvers having answers within us. The way we think determines where we are. When we form a positive self-image in our thoughts and project ourselves as answers or as problem solvers, our thoughts becomes a formula or a method which we can use to apply our daily actions for effective results and returns.

Many have reached this stage of having a positive mindset and have even discovered potentials on the inside of them but wants to play safe holding unto where they are, what they do because they are simply afraid of the unknown. How can I survive? How can I handle failure, rejection if I let go of this place and this thing that brings food on my table? What if it didn’t work out?

Dear friend, a grain of wheat or seed must first of all die for it to germinate. For you to manifest that great potentials, being the answer and solution that eventually gives you success, financial independence and other freedom, you must let those things keeping you backward to die in you. You must let go of where you are now or what you do now if need be. You might have over stayed in one place or level trying to survive all these years. Dear friends, get up and move forward, survival edge is too narrow and dangerous to sit on it. Look into your life today and break-free of everything that you’ve been holding unto not as a means of realizing your dreams and fulfilling purpose but just to survive.

You cannot survive loneliness holding unto relationship that is void of friendship and healthy communication all the time. You cannot survive poverty holding unto job, business or career that makes you unproductive, unfruitful and irrelevant. You cannot survive sickness holding unto daily tasks that is so stressing you out and draining your energy/ strength without good rest and intake of the right proportion of balanced diet, supplements or medicines.

Dear friend, you can do it. You are a winner. You are an answer and a solution. You are a problem solver. There is a great potential inside of you finding manifestation and expression in your life as soon as you leave your land of survival for your land of exploits. Do not try to survive, strive to live.

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