Why do you work so hard to fit in while you were created to stand out? You are not born into the world to conform to the world, but to make a difference in the world. How long will you continue to suppress the uniqueness in you just to get accepted in a group? Your genuine recognition and acceptance does not come from your conformity to a crowd of people but it does come from your standing out from the crowd.

There are many professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders in your field, don’t struggle to imitate all their individual styles of doing things, learn from them and project your own unique styles. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that you should not seek for good counsels from your superiors, mentors, bosses, entrepreneurs and leaders in your field, I’m only saying that you should not let what you learn or copy from them swallow up the uniqueness in you or else you risk being a complacent follower all your days. Their counsels and advice are meant to help you polish your own ideas, dreams, and styles of doing things. Lots of people are busy copying or imitating others not because they don’t know what they want or the approach that best works for them but they are simply afraid not to be rejected when handling things their own way. The danger in imitating and copying other people all the time is that you would gradually lose your originality, uniqueness, dreams, values, etc. They do it to easily get noticed, recognized and accepted but conformity paints and covers them in regular colors.

Dear friends, if you desire a profitable rapid growth in whatever you do, stand out from the crowd. Do you desire to have and enjoy the relationship of your dreams? Stand out from the crowd. Do you desire to enjoy a life of greatness, success and lasting happiness? Stand out from the crowd. The grace of God is sufficient to stand you out in life but the grace would only be active when you have prepared yourself meet for the master’s use in whatever thing you do. Stand out from the crowd and be the best of you.
Let me quickly remind you of one of the mistakes people often make in an attempt to stand out from the crowd, especially in doing business. Some tried to stand out from the crowd but they actually stood outside the crowd of their potential clients, customers, supporters, promoters, etc. To stand out from the crowd is not to stand outside the crowd, it is to stand out in the crowd. For example, in re-branding products and services, before you re-brand anything in order to stand you out, first of all consider the natural appeal such products/services creates in the mind of the people and then improve upon it. This is where some basic laws, principles and process should not be ignored. For instance, if you decided to re-brand a blood capsule and coated it blue, you would have tough times trying to convince people that your blue coated capsule is actually a blood capsule and contains richer vitamins, irons and minerals than the person who coated his or her own red because red is the natural color of blood that appeals much to people’s mind.

Dear friends, there is so much greatness in you that the world has never experienced before. Come out from the crowd of complacency and mediocrity and stand out for the manifestation of God’s glory that you are. Don’t limit who you truly are to fit in. You don’t need recognition and acceptance from everybody to be the unique you. Don’t be like the cheap products that everyone can afford easily, treat anyhow and discharge anytime they like. Be the best of you, the solution the world is earnestly waiting for.
To stand out in whatever thing you do, consider the following:
• Know yourself (self-discovery).
• Be confident about yourself and your dreams.
• Discipline yourself.
• Be conscious of anything you involves yourself in.
• Cultivate emotional intelligence.
• Be kind, polite and response-able to people.
• Learn from others and approach things in your own unique styles and brand.

The greatest discovery you would ever need to start the process that stands you out in life is self-discovery. Renew your mind, discover yourself, take a step and stand out in your field and in life always.

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