You may have been asked or heard this question; “what do you want?” many times before, but today I want us to get deep down in analyzing what it really means from one individual to another, and how to answer it correctly. Though our basic needs may fall in the same common categories of food, clothing and shelter but satisfying those needs varies with different tastes, desires and wants of different individuals. I’m sure you have already realized that your personal dreams in life: your destiny, career, business, vocation, home, marriage, family, car(s), etc are best defined and measured in terms of success based on what you want as a person and not based on what others said it is. What you truly want might be common with others but may not be the same in taste, quality or quantity and manifestation!

Many a times people fail to give correct answer whenever they are asked; “what do you want?” Some of the questions that appeared most difficult to majority of people during interview or examination are not arithmetic’s but to tell the interviewer or examiner exactly and concisely who they are and what they truly want. We fail to give correct answers most times without even  realizing it!

It is very common nowadays to find people who have the zeal and have taken steps to learn one or two things but have little or no idea of what they truly want to learn about or what they want to do with what they learn. To know what you truly want in any area of your life, you must first of all know who you are. The realities of life, popular opinions and the philosophies of the world have robbed some people of their identity in life. Just very few understand who they truly are on the inside and live up to it. “What do you want?” is not the question of what should I give you, it is the question of what it is that you need.
When you tell them exactly what you want, they would immediately know if they can offer you or not, but when you pretend or don’t know exactly what you want, chances are that you might not be offered anything at all or just so little since they don’t know exactly what you need. No one knows exactly what you want except you. Stop assuming that they know your needs. In the words of Napoleon Hills;”how can life offer you anything if you yourself don’t know what you want in life?”

Dear friend, there is a seed of greatness inside of you and the moment it finds fertile soil of who you truly are and what you really want, clearly define in your mind and in your actions, it will germinate and grow into multi- billion dollars corporation you could ever imagine.
Before you start that business, career, family/vocation or before you start looking for that job, spouse or opportunities, make sure you really know what you want. You may not know exactly where you’ll land in the journey of life but it is important you know where you are right now so you can be traced and helped perhaps you missed your way.

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