For quite a long time, I have not had interest in watching or paid a keen attention to watch football match from the beginning to the end like the time and attention I devoted to watch the match played between Nigeria and Argentina in the ongoing FIFA WORLD CUP, RUSSIA 2018 .
At the end of the match, it was obvious that almost all Nigerians and the super eagle fans were disappointed in the outcome of the match, including myself i must admit here.

Many of us were disappointed not because the super eagle lost the game to the Argentina team, or that our super eagle team performed so poorly, but that the referee was biased in officiating the match. The second foul committed by the Argentina player is a clear penalty offense but was never awarded by the referee!

Ah! Many took to their social media handles/channels to express their grievances over the bias, unfair, and partiality demonstrated by the referee. To some, he is a racist referee and to others, they called him different names . While we are calling on FIFA to review /probe the match and possibly sanction the referee to serve as a deterrent in the future games, here are some of the lessons i want you to learn from the game:



To score very well in the game of life, one must co-operate with divine grace and the preparation to work harder, smarter, and faster because your winning goals are not determined by how well you played but how fast you scored at a given time

Yes, like the super eagle team, you might have been denied of your right to certain things in life. Perhaps, you might have even played your own preliminary role very well in kick starting that business, career or profession but the people who are supposed to provide you with the right structure and funds to thrive in the industry had refused to give you what you deserve or what is rightfully yours due to their personal reasons, one way or the other. Dear friend, many people could relate with such experience and it is very common in our time and age. It is no fault of yours how some things turned out in your life journey but instead of being bitter and negative in your reactions, i suggest you take time to look at it differently before any reaction. You may be denied of your rights/privileges or even the compensation for the damages suffered, but no one is capable of denying you of the shot that has rightly entered the net. All your rights and resources might be deservedly awarded but it’s not a guarantee for your success. What happens if you missed the shot after being awarded? There are many instances where the awarded penalty shots were missed by good players. What happens if you invested the resources/funds you were awarded on merit and it failed to yield the desired result in realizing your dream?

To earn your success, prepare to learn from your mistakes each time you fail. improve your performance and fire the next shots straight to the net. Don’t give room for excuses, complaints, blame game regarding the external factors militating against your progress. After a careful analysis of the match, in my opinion, the super eagle team need to improve on their performance because if the first penalty was not awarded, they wouldn’t have scored a goal. No single straight goal after a few numbers of attempt! They were so defensive in playing the match such that they failed to speed up their game control that would have earned them some winning shots straight entrance into the net. And in analyzing the match also, a cousin of mine; a football enthusiast as well as some other fans rightly called this kind of defense, a “defensive error.” You could try to defend yourself every time and really looks so defensive in nature but lack the action to attack/prevent your opponent from entering your territory. Once they entered, you would be defeated and could be laid siege on.

Dear friend, don’t try to defend your gift, skills or talent in an attempt to preserve it by remaining where you are. Spread out, strive to multiply your gift or talent because if you failed to multiply and spread out the little one you think you have preserved, deserved or awarded, it would sooner or later be taken away and you shall left with nothing.

We can do better if we learn from our mis
takes each time, focus on correcting our errors and not focus on external factor(s ) that has frustrated or is frustrating our effort.
Dear friend, go out there and win big. Earn your success. Own your failure. Learn from your mistakes. Correct your errors. Change your thought, strategies, method and process. It’s all in your mind, #renewyourmind and enjoy your day.


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