Life presents everyone with the opportunity to look back and connect the dots of ideas, knowledge, skills or talents that one had acquire along the journey of life, to realize his or her dream or to simply fulfill purpose and destiny. No knowledge is a waste and nothing in life exists in isolation. To learn how to read, you must first of all learn the alphabets, the vowel sounds and the consonant sounds, then connecting them together to produce word(s) and sentence(s). And for you to be proficient in writing and speaking good, simple and correct English you must learn, understand and apply the grammatical rules and its styles of presentation. The same thing goes with every other thing in life. One day you shall look back and discover that you’ve consciously or unconsciously applied what you are learning wherever you may find yourself now to achieve greater things in future.

Dear friends, today I want to challenge you to pay more attention to learn one or two things in that business or job you find yourself right now and had little or no interest to learn anything about it. Perhaps, all you think and concern yourself with now is merely to make money and as soon as you get the capital you go away to establish your own business or start pursuing your dream or career. Nothing more! In as much as your plan to start your own business is quite commendable, you dare not make the mistake of neglecting the experience, the lessons, the skills and the knowledge you need to grab in your present job, irrespective of the different fields you might find yourself. You will soon need the knowledge to succeed faster in your own endeavor.

The success of every big adventure in life is made possible by connecting the dots of knowledge. You might be experiencing hard times in your job right now. Maybe you are not being fairly treated or rewarded after putting all your best effort to grow the business, don’t give up and don’t ignore the lessons. The greatest reward you deserves most in any company is to master the skills you got from there and develop the capacity to connect ideas to realizing your own dream. As a starter, you would appreciate more the advantages of connecting the dots of knowledge.

“I was opportune to find an empowerment foundation that subsidized the price of learning some IT courses. I enrolled for the program and later discovered that they featured three (3) modules: Digital marketing, Website design, Data entry and management at a very affordable rate, I quickly grabbed the opportunity and learned all the packages. After some months/years I decided to start my own business but had only little capital and I needed a website, good marketing strategies/skills to showcase the business online. It was very obvious I could not afford to hire the services of a professional website designer, a social media strategist or a digital content manager in order to have a professional and profitable online presence for the business. Then I looked back to myself and start connecting the knowledge. I designed a website, created social media platforms for marketing and automated them. I also records and enters the data of my clients/customers. Within few days of running the business online, I made much conversion that would not have been possible without the online presence. Ever since, I keep connecting the dots, evolving/growing from one level to another. When I was first learning those skills, I didn’t know I would one day connect them together to start my own business.” Dear friend, you too can become like or even more than  the person in the story above, few months from now if you take a step to learn new things and connecting them together as time goes on.

In the words of Steve Jobs “you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only do that looking backward.” You shall look back one day to those things you are learning right now and connects unique ideas and experiences to solve problems and birth noble project of your dreams and leaves your foot print in the sand of time.

Dear friends, where ever you find yourself today, begin to learn new things, new ideas, new skills, new methods, new process and you would be amazed how soon you start connecting them for great success. In the end many people fail, not because they had no money or resources but because they refused to learn new things or forget to connect the dots of knowledge.

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