Golden opportunities comes from within you, think them out as you renew your mind.

Miss Vera, a fresh graduate went about searching for job in almost all the companies/organizations in and outside her locality. From one interview to another but all to no avail. She has been job hunting for over three (3) years and all she got was “we would get back to you”, “we would call you”, or “sorry, we are not recruiting yet.” She felt bitter and disappointed because of the ugly experience she had while looking for job in some offices. On different occasions, she would be call upon by the manager where she has been interviewed. Each of them said “congratulations Vera, you passed our interview and we are pleased to offer you the job but know that you have to cooperate with us first …

At hearing congratulations each time, she felt a bit sense of joy and quickly said “thank you sir for the offer. Of course I know working in an organization requires a great deal of cooperation among members and I’m ready to give my best cooperation to grow the company.” Good, I can see that you are the right person for this job but I want to believe that you already know what is obtainable. It is as true as it goes a saying “you can use what you have to get what you want”. Now you understand what I mean, if you truly need the job, meet me at my hotel room…tonight or you can choose a date. I would sign your appointment letter there, are you ready? At this juncture, Vera often rebuke them, walked out of their office saying to herself God forbid, I can’t do such a degrading thing.
The last office Vera stepped in changed the whole story, she went in there wanting to ask the receptionist if she could submit her CV but right in front of the door there was an inscription “OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE” boldly written. She saw this and was discouraged again but reluctantly went in and asked the receptionist if there is vacancy that she want to submit her CV. The receptionist quickly pointed her to the inscription on the wall of the reception that reads “OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE”, what did you see? Asked the receptionist. Oh never mind, I know there is no opportunity anywhere. Thank you, I have to be on my way. As she was about leaving, the chairman of the company was coming in from the door, they exchanged pleasantries and Vera immediately told him why she came to his office. The man call her in, she sat down and the man said “Miss Vera, you see there is opportunity everywhere, what do you want in life? Vera became confused, but sir I saw the inscription “OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE” in your office. Yes, the inscription you see on the wall is for “perspective test”, the first silent interview we give all our clients to know the state of their mind and how they see things. We are a consulting firm and our duty is to change our client’s perspective, redirecting their focus to more productive and profitable commitment, preparing them for better job opportunities and supporting them to rediscover and start pursuing their own dream, business or career. Anyway, why did you read the inscription as “opportunity is nowhere” and not think of reading it as opportunity is now here?” What you see or read is not what you think, what you think informs what you see. After few minutes of conversation, Vera’s mind was opened to her real self. She did more homework on her mind and finally discovered what she really want and set out to pursue her dream eventually. Today Vera is one of the top three (3) most successful people in her field!

Dear friend, did your story start like that of Vera? Are you currently going from one office to another searching for job and you’ve not found any yet? Many stories started like that but didn’t end like hers.
A lot of people have compromised their faith, given up their standard, their moral values, dignity and their real identity just to get a job, yet such jobs turned out to be their worst nightmares ever. If all you could see requires you to give up your faith, moral values and dignity, please don’t compromise. Don’t think that there is no opportunity. Don’t join the group of people who have already decided to blame everyone and everything except themselves. They blame and excuse all their challenges on the present economic, government, uncles, and aunties and any other person around them as being responsible for their predicament in life. Dear friends listen to me, opportunity is often appears hidden in ordinary things that people tend to underrate most times.

Whatever situation you’ve been through before or you find yourself right now, millions of people are suffering same. You should see it as an opportunity to think on how to proffer solutions. And when you think thus, acted on the thoughts and eventually meet the basic needs of the people, your reward would be undoubtedly great. Your opportunity to succeed faster lies inside of you, think it out. Your thoughts and actions sees opportunity, your noble character attracts it to you. There is luck, there is favor and there is grace but you can actually earn the opportunity to receive them or not through the pattern of the lifestyles you lead.

Dear friend, it is time to renew your mind to see opportunities, not very far away from you but to see the greatest opportunities that comes within you. It is time to change your perspective and look at things differently with the eyes of optimism. It is time to rediscover yourself and know exactly what you want in life. It is time to take responsibility for everything in your life. It is time to stop complaining. It is time to stop the blame game. You are the solution the world is waiting for. You are the opportunity to bless the lives of others. Think, take a step and renew your mind

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