People may have tried to talk you down many times before. It could be that no body believed in the beauty of your dreams. Perhaps, you have tried many things in life and nothing seemed to work out as expected. You might have tried all you thought was going to be a big win and all of a sudden, it appears as if nothing would work or things have even gotten worse at a moment. Does it look like life is throwing blows at you more than anyone else? It could be that the people you trusted so much have disappointed you and now you find it difficult to trust someone else. Is there any idea, dream or project you are convinced about and really want to pursue it but your present reality tells you that you can’t make it, you are inexperienced or that you don’t have the money/resources to succeed at it?

Dear friend, don’t give up. I started off in life with so little or no advantages. As a child I lost my dad when I was in primary four(4) and had managed to finish high school through the aid of my mum and siblings. Given the poor background and several domestic needs competing for urgent attention financially, I thought there was no way I could rewrite my O level to remedy one of the core subjects that I had deficiency, not to talk more of proceeding to the University if I were to clear all the subjects I needed at the first sitting. I said to myself, “Michael don’t worry, nature understands your situation” because how could I have made it to the University as at then? I didn’t think it was possible! Thus I chose the easy way and thought it was the wisest thing to do. I went to the city in search of greener pasture.

Having worked as a sales boy in supermarkets and as a secretary/office assistant in real estate companies, my dream of returning back to school was gradually fading away as a result of not having good savings after offsetting monthly bills year in year out. When it finally dawned on me and it was necessary to rewrite my O level and further my education, I realized it was already five years since I was out of school and could not make an attempt to remedy my O level at least! Then I changed environment to another city where I quickly registered for G.C.E in the hope that I would do part time jobs as I further my education.

The only job I could secure was that of a security guard. Not minding the job portfolio, what I needed was a job that could give me time to prepare for my school. I did G.C.E and Jamb and they were successful but I couldn’t secure admission the first time! The following year I did another Jamb and gained admission into one of the reputable colleges in affiliation with University of Nigeria Nsukka where I’m currently studying Biology Education (B.Sc Ed).

While at the security job, I stumbled upon Napoleon Hills’ Think and Grow Rich and it stirred up wonderful ideas inside of me and thereafter I developed a reading culture that I still practice today. Also at the security post, I raised money to buy a fairly used laptop and started attending free ICT seminars and decided to learn digital skills eventually. I enrolled to learn digital marketing, web design and web development at an NGO, Foundation for Moral Values Reorientation (FMVR) at very affordable fees. Within two months (Saturday only), I grasped the introduction to the three modules courses so well that I was afforded platform to master the skills by volunteering to train others.

Today, as a volunteer facilitator, I’ve handled training both as a support trainer and as a trainer where I trained staff/graduates and professionals ranging from NYSC Corp members, Universal Basic Education Teachers, Nigeria Union of Journalists (women), LASTMA officials, etc. What a joy I feel, an undergraduate training graduates/professionals on DIGITAL Skills! When I look back and reflect on the transformation and progress in my life within the short period of time that I told myself I can do it and set out to do it, though I’m still a work in progress, I now realized that what limit us most in life is not our background/environment, or lack of money/resources, or lack of skills or academic qualifications, or a low level of proficiency but the lack of desire and determination to move forward.

I gets booked to speak to people at different seminars, conferences, companies and organizations and I train them on digital skills, value reorientation and mindset management. They said to me each time during post training interactions things like: Thank you for coming, we are glad that your speech helps us rediscover ourselves and we were inspired to do things differently henceforth. This has had a positive impact in our lives and in the organization as a whole. I was inspired by your humble beginning and the progress you’ve made thus far and your training is an eye opener to me that I can do something! And host of other feedback from participants and organizers respectively. Why I’m telling this story is to let you know that there is something you can do if you truly tell your self “I can do it.”You are far better off than millions of people out there and no one can reject your practical solutions to their problems/challenges just because you had little or no experience, no academic qualifications or finances. Get rid of I can’t do it mentality and tell yourself I can do it, then don’t worry about your imperfections, fix your eyes on God and on your set goals and things shall fall in place for you.

There is one person that condones your excesses, and cannot abandon you. He is always ready to go with you all through life in good times and in bad times. The moment you discover this silent friend and start loving him genuinely, you would have discovered your greatest treasure and strength to succeed at anything in life. He has been longing and waiting patiently for you to discover him and be truly happy. That friend is you, the man in the mirror! When you look in the mirror, the person you see is you and that person in you is so unique with great potentials. Yes you can do it. You can succeed at anything. Change your thoughts, and change your life. The difference between the winner and the loser is in their thoughts. While the winner would say I can do it, believe it and pursue it in spites of all odds, the loser would relax and keep saying I can’t do it. Your thoughts and confessions determines your action and your action produces the result you see.

Now let me remind you this; you are a new you and that wonderful idea you conceives in your heart, you can achieve it. One of the reasons why most people doubt their ability to succeed at certain things is because they don’t see themselves in the light of the new person they are growing into or becoming each day. As a biological being, our cells changes each eleventh months! Thus most of us are wrong about whom we’ve perceived ourselves to be today. Often times we rate ourselves based on the old self. Dear friend, so much has changed in you and a new you is constantly evolving after eleven months from now.

Therefore, as a changing being living in a changing world we need to constantly strive to change the way we think, change our perspectives in order to make any meaningful progress in life. It takes a constant change of perspective to succeed in a digitally dynamic world like ours. Yes you can realize your dream. You can achieve your goals. You can become more successful as that person you’ve always wanted to be. The first capital you need in starting off your business, career or any project of your dream is not money but an idea, desire, determination and conviction that is habitually impressed on your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind would attract to you the money, the resources, the people and anything you’ll need to actualize your goals.

It’s not about your level of proficiency in any skill that makes you progressive in life but it’s about your believe in what you can do and how to strategically sell your ideas, knowledge, products or services at any level to the right consumers. You can share your experience with me too in the comment box below, on what you thought you couldn’t do before but now succeeding at it as you changed your believe from “I can’t do it” to “I can do it”. I would be glad to learn from your comments. #RenewYourMind, #YouCanDoIt, #DigitalSkillsForAfrica, #FMVR, #MindTheGap

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