Knowledge precedes decision. There is a high probability of making a wrong decision when your decision precedes your knowledge of the subject, topic or area to act upon. People perish for lack of knowledge!

An informed knowledge about a particular person, thing, field, subject or topic would give you a more predictive positive outcome and direct your action/decision towards success, thereby averting negative outcomes. People perish for lack of knowledge and not lack of decision. Decision is embedded in every action/inaction you take knowingly and unknowingly. Your knowledge guides your decision.

Your present life today, your achievements, failures, successes and the circumstances are largely as a result of the decision you made or have allowed people to make for you based on the knowledge you accept as you grow up. So also the Nigeria situation today!

The state of Nigeria economy, security, health and other sectors today stems from the choices of the leaders we’ve elected, appointed or selected over the years. In few days time we Nigerians will be heading to the polls to elect our leaders but let me ask us this question: “How much do we know about any candidate that we’ll like to elect, appoint/select to be our leader? The candidate you are planning to vote for, what do you know about him/her regarding their agenda, policies and the leadership strategies for the nation?

There is this saying that there are three kinds of people in the world:

  • Those who make things happen.
  • Those who watch things happen.
  • Those who do not know what is happening.

I once belonged to the second group of people when it comes to the choice of electing our leaders, I just sit and watch and accept whoever emerged eventually as leaders. Worse still, most Nigerians belongs to the third group, they don’t care to know about what is happening. They just complain how the leaders are not living up to expectation, how they are not delivering on their promises! How things has gone so bad that the poor masses cannot afford to feed themselves. And a host of other complaints, excuses, yet we seldom making attempt to know if we have option for the better choice of new leaders. Most of us don’t even know that there are other political parties with worthy candidates that has been relegated to the background simply because their platform is not a popular one yet and we think that we are only limited to choose among the two major parties irrespective of the candidates they present to us. What an ignorance we allowed to enslave us! How long can we go like this? Don’t believe the lies that our votes doesn’t count, it is in believing in such lies that give them  the power to manipulate  the process because they already know that they cannot be questioned because that’s what the majority believes in.

The recent presidential debate moderated by Mark Eddo was an eye opener to me and to many Nigerians also who took time to analyze the debate. I realizes that they are young capable minds as presidential candidates in other parties and thus our choice should not be limited to the popularity of the two major parties but look deep to know what we need in our leaders and who can deliver at such a time like this when technological innovations has become a progressive leadership tools in any growing global community.

I see a new Nigeria where the likes of those candidates who participated in the presidential debate would be given a chance to lead and their victory shall come unpredictable and unexpected, someday soon, as more people become aware of their responsibility to know their leader’s agenda, policies, vision, goals and strategies for the common good and well being of the people.  

Dear friend, you deserve to know your leaders, not by the negative outcome of their leadership but by matching their agenda, policies, vision and strategic goals with their leadership positive outcome. It’s time to change the narrative, you now have options to choose from: #KingselyMoghalu, #FelaDurotoye, #Buhari, #Atiku, etc. know your leaders. #RenewYourMind, #NigeriansDecides2019, #VoteDecisively, #VoteWisely and say NO to violence, Let’s embrace #Free,FairAndCredibleElection.


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