“The slothful man roast not that which he took in hunting; but the substance of a diligent man is precious.” – Proverb 12:27.

There are millions of clever, brilliant and hardworking folks out there with little or no result to show for their ever busy everyday activities. They wake up each day, go about their various businesses only to comes back late in the night, and yet they hardly achieve much results in life. Their daily lives have been characterized with litany of pains, hard labor, and restlessness, frustration, depression, doubts, fear, etc. This has led some people to commit suicide, many had given up their hope for a better future.

Dear friends, let me share with you some of the reasons why we work so hard with little or no result to show for it, and some of the possible ways to put us back on the right tracks for good success. The Esau’s mentality portrays the lazy thinking/ habits, and actions being responsible for one remaining stagnant in life amidst the endless effort he or she makes to succeed. Being lazy is not the personality flaw, is not a disorder, it simply a behavior we learned. We are not born lazy, we learn being lazy along the way. And like every other habit, laziness can be broken and replace with productive and profitable hard work.

Laziness is far beyond the unwillingness to do work. If every one that made effort to work is termed not being lazy, then every hard working man should easily get their desired result because they put in their effort to do work. A lazy man is not only that man who does not do work, a man who does his work and works tirelessly but failed to think on the direction on how to process/convert what he got into finished products, services or information to meet the basic need is also a lazy man. Such a man when hungry can easily give up all he has, his treasures in exchange for a plate of a meal. No wonder that was the same mentality that made Esau sold his birth right for a plate of portage (Genesis 25:29-34). What can this birth right do for me now that I die of hunger? What can this treasures, resources, dignity, and honesty, moral values do for me now that I’m dying of hunger? Die of hunger for just a day? Oh no, you cannot die because you were hungry for a day. Biologically, any healthy person can stay without food, and survive just drinking water for over 21days and he or she cannot die! Don’t think that you would die when it seem you don’t have your basic needs met on time. This kind of mentality pushes you to think that you are playing safe by not sacrificing your time and energy to process that wonderful ideas in your mind into information, products or services that satisfies the basic need of man. And that pattern of thoughts always keep you away from pursuing that your wonderful dream, career or business. It also suggest keep working for someone just to get a monthly pay to put food on your table. If I change my present job to pursue my personal dream, what if it fails, how can I survive? Dear, you won’t die, stop being lazy in your thoughts, get up now and start doing more meaningful things with your life. Yes, start pursuing your dream, business, career or project.

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