You may have been asked or heard this question; “what do you want?” many times before, but today I want us to get deep down in analyzing what it really means from one individual to another, and how to answer it correctly. Though our basic needs may fall in the same common categories of food, clothing and shelter but satisfying those needs varies with different tastes, desires and wants of different Continue reading



To prepare means to make ready for a specific time and purpose. Preparation enables us to do things more effectively. “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” ——– Alexandra Graham Bell. If you are given a cutlass to chop down a tree, and you took time to sharpen (prepare) the edge, it would take you less time and energy to get the job done than the man who used a blunt cutlass to execute the same task.Continue reading


Why do you work so hard to fit in while you were created to stand out? You are not born into the world to conform to the world, but to make a difference in the world. How long will you continue to suppress the uniqueness in you just to get accepted in a group? Your genuine recognition and acceptance does not come from your conformity to a crowd of people but it does come from your standing out from the crowd.Continue reading


There is no denying that most Nigerians are really working very hard. Some wake up very early in the morning and rush to work only to come back late at night. Many of us hardly eat, have little or no time to rest or even to sleep well at night. It is obvious that many often burnt out as a result of too much stress, day in day out. Yes, we are energetic people. We are charismatic in nature. We have the stamina. We work from morning till late at night, and yet has no tangible result to show for our endless labor.
Continue reading


It was about the time when he appears transformed, with a renewed perspective, clear vision and goals for his life, and yet he remain broke doing the regular things, the same job that has little or nothing significant to add to his dreams or to help him realize his goals. To him, the job was like a prison, for his sense of freedom, self worth  was gradually being lost to the job. His monthly remuneration could barely foot the bills for his basic needs and still, the payment being often delayed!Continue reading


Kim Ung-yong knew about this secret and made the right decision that eventually gives him a lasting success and happiness. Kim was born with an exceptional gift. His parent claims that he leant how to speak at six (6) months after his birth. At age three (3) Kim was already solving physics and mathematics problems. He started reading fluently at age four (4), not just reading in one language but in four languages; Korean, Japanese, German and English. This unusual ability in Kim caught the attention of the local media. He was invited to the Korean TV Shows where he solved differential equations live on TV to the amazement of every viewer. Continue reading


One of the self-imposed obstacles that has blocked so many destinies and made life more frustrating and miserable is the fear of failure. Fear can cripple your beautiful dreams, destiny and purpose in life. Human beings by nature is prone to fear. When things appear unknown, uncertain, the first feelings our mind default mechanism pushes to us is fear. Though we might be conversant with some locations like our homes, rooms or offices and  tends to fear the darkness in such places when there is power outage in the night, thinking there is monster lurking in the dark, thus some fear even their own shadow!Continue reading



One of the most difficult puzzles in life that many people have failed to solve through out their lifetime is to identify/discover their true career path. To unravel what they see as a mystery surrounding their career choices. To some, trying to know exactly their career path gets them even more confused, and hence , they have decided to leave everything to fate, believing that destiny has place them in such a lifelong confusion.Continue reading

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